The Truth about the Current Situation in Iran

General Paul Vallely (R) and John Q. Naimi deliver details concerning the current situation in Iran and question the Democrats motives on their support of a terrorist, General Soleimani, over the oppressed Iranian citizens and President Trump.

Understanding the Threat with John Guandolo

John is the President and Founder  of Understanding The Threat, the only organization in America providing tools to leaders, police and citizens to identify and dismantle jihadi/terrorist networks in their local communities. 


Investigative Journalist Pete Santili comes forward with BOMBSHELL information from former Congressman Steve Stockman linking Hillary Clinton to violating Iran Sanctions as SOS while selling weapons grade steel to largest state sponsor of terror!

Iran Genocide!

General Paul Vallely and John Naimi address the catastrophic state of Iran. From state sponsor of terror to genocide of 10M Iranian citizens, the Mullahs are a rogue regime and out of control.

Link to Cyrus Force Paper 

Steel Truth (10/18) "Secret that will Change America!"

The discussion continues. Mike Moore (Thomas Paine) and James R join me to discuss the secret that will DESTROY the DeepState. Why did the US Government allow Bin Laden to hide in Iran?

The Next 9/11 Threat!

The OIG and FISA Reports will deliver the death blow to the Left delivering a TOTAL LANDSLIDE re-electing Presdient Donald J. Trump.  Will the Left do the unthinkable? Is a full on ACT of TERROR their last offense?