Cyber Warfare and Obama's Shadownet 8pm ET (3/20/19)

Meet the architect behind Obama's Shadownet, the clandestine, social media psychological warfare toolkit used by our military and commercially.  Is Obama guilty of the same crime Mueller's 13 Russians are?

National Security and the same show title! 8pm ET

Buckle up for your delivery of #SteelTruth tonight!  This show is LIT! 

Retired US Special Agent Eric Caron talks National Security from a domestic and global perspective and YouTube SENSATION Mr. Reagan calls out the puppet masters of #AOC. 

Our #1A and #2A Freedoms Under Attack! 8pm ET (3/27/19)

Former Army Special Forces combat veteran John Peterson, founder American Preservation Alliance, delivers the SteelTruth on Loomering, Syria, and the WAR waged on our 1st and 2nd Amendments!

Getting Qrazy tonight on #SteelTruth 8pm ET (4/1/19)

What happens when Anons go mainstream?  Why should normies care what they say? In The Matrixxx and Shady Grooove deliver the #SteelTruth on current events.  Dare to jump in!

Socialism SUCKS! Venezuela is the canary in the coal mine

Will President Trump send our military to confront the Russians in Venezuela? Will the Chinese be able to cut a deal with the Venezuelans and Russian for the oil? Who will win this global energy struggle?   8pm ET (4/3/19)

Boston Bombing Anniversary & Intel Failures 8pm ET (4/8/19)

Former DEA Supervisory Special Agent Derek Maltz gets passionate about the intel failures that lead to the Boston Bombing and how politics aside we can address Robert Mueller, Preet Bahara and the war on terror, drugs and our border.

Florida Voter Fraud Exposed! 8pm ET (4-10-19)

Lt. Col Allen West deployed a team to expose the voter fraud in Florida who has the evidence to prove the election thefts over the years. Grassroots activist Nilsa Alvarez has a plan to save the state. 

SteelTruth goes Scorched Earth!

Time to EXPOSE the FRAUDS and cover the daily news with Navy Veteran and former DIA Analyst and former candidate for the MO 2018 Senate race, Courtland Sykes.

DeepState Reveals Indictments! 8pm ET (4/15/19)

DeepState Reveals Indictments! 8pm ET (4/15/19)

Huma Abedin under FISA warrant! 8pm ET (4/17/19)

Mueller Report Eve has Mike Closer drop in to dish on FISA on Huma Abiden, upcoming Indictments, Conservative Censorship, and more!

PANIC in DC! Mueller Report Debrief 8pm ET (4/18/19)

Mueller Report Debrief with #QAnon phenom @inthematrixxx and Relentless Patriot @thedilleyshow Brenden Dilley reveals why DC never wanted the TRUTH to come out.

FBI Priestap - Things are not as they seem

What did the FBI know about Hillary Clinton using a pseudonym for email in the White House under the Obama Administration? Who else besides Huma knew?

Obama's Cyber Warfare targeted the 2016 Election! 8pm ET

John McCain and Obama had the motive and the technology to make a run at influencing the outcome of 2016 Presidential Election. Is President Trump the victim?

Liz Crokin NXIVM Update and Swamp Drowns! 8pm ET 4/25/19

Liz Crokin, pedophile expert, talks NXIVM and the Deep State as their death rattle screams louder and louder.

The #SteelTruth is Coming out!

Former unreported Intelligence Asset live in the #SteelTruth Studio talks impending indictments, perp walks and who is involved in coming forward to Blow the Whistle.

Trump Rally! Delivering Florida in 2020! 8pm ET 5/6/19

Benghazi Hero Mark Geist author of 13 Hours and famed USMC veteran shows support and what it takes to WIN in 2020. Annie Marie Delgado, President of  Trump Team 2020 FL fires up the base in Citrus County with an amazing grassroots Trump Rally!

Gloria Alred VICTIMIZES a sex crime victim! 8pm ET 5/8/19

Deanna Williams is the victim of rape, financial theft and now is on the run after losing her baby during this highly stressful ordeal.  Florida Lee County Sheriff Carmen Marceno and many in the judicial system are complicit.

End the War on Terror ! 8pm ET (5/13/19)


IEDs are the number one killer in Afghanistan. The DOD has been aware of a solution since 2012. Why has it not been deployed? Can we stop the $6 TRILLION war with with an inexpensive solution?