Steel Truth (9/3) "DeepState Exposed!" IC Blows the Whistle

Former unreported asset from the IC joins Ann Vandersteel to expose the dirty secrets that the US Government has covered up for years.

Steel Truth (9/17) "Intelligence Community Roundup!"

Ann Vandersteel has 4 interviews tonight with top people about everything from immigration to #DeepState to narcotics and the drug trade!  Exciting stuff!

Steel Truth (10/8) "Decoding the DeepState!"

Hear from multiple insiders tonight in a special two hour program on what is REALLY happening inside the #DeepState!  This is can't miss video tonight folks!  You won't find this information anywhere else!

Steel Truth (10/15) "All Hell Breaking Loose!"

Thomas Paine from True Pundit drops a TRUTH BOMB on America! POTUS will have another previous administration major scandal on his hands. Entering the Millennial Mind of Quite Frankly's podcast host...a refreshing look into the perspective of young minds that are on the Trump Train.

Steel Truth (10/18) "Secret that will Change America!"

The discussion continues. Mike Moore (Thomas Paine) and James R join me to discuss the secret that will DESTROY the DeepState. Why did the US Government allow Bin Laden to hide in Iran?

Steel Truth (10/29) "Taking our Country Back!"

Kidnapping and Ransom Expert, Dr. Jeff Cantor offers advice on personal protection and how we protect our children in schools. Former NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney has gone into business to the business of Big Data Europe.  Find out what and why.

Recent SteelTruth™ Episodes

SteelTruth™ 11/19/18

Former President Obama sets up social media warfare through the US Military. ShadowNet still exists!

Obama's #ShadowNet exposed!

If you’re looking for the swamp, look no further than the relationship between our government, the military, and the military industrial complex. ShadowNet was Obama’s cyber military psy-op used to spread disinformation overseas.

SteelTruth™ 11/12/18


Broward Country Supervisor of elections corruption exposed and the protests of the people are heard.  Will the shouting ever be replaced with civil discourse?

SteelTruth™ 11/5/18 "#MAGABOWL Election Eve Special!"


Meet the sounding board behind the young phenom, Charlie Kirk, who has been an inspiration to many high school and collegiate kids around the country.  Where does political discourse go from here?

2 hour Steel Truth (10/8) "Decoding the DeepState!"

Hear from multiple insiders tonight in a special two hour program on what is REALLY happening inside the #DeepState!  This is can't miss video tonight folks!  You won't find this information anywhere else!

Free Speech Just got "Loomered"!


"Deep State Tactics Exposed!"

Steel Truth (12/3)

(12/7) "Clinton Foundation’s Dark Side"

Liz Crokin details the ugly truth behind the Clinton Foundation and the people involved.  The Federal Government has partnered with human traffickers around the world and used the cover of a non profit to rape, torture and traffic children.SHOW MORE

DNC-Mexican Sex Trade (12/10)

The DNC and Mexico have been colluding for years in human trafficking, money laundering, immigration fraud and more. Former DNC Mega Donor, Jeffrey Peterson, connects the dots between the Mexican NXIVM and the DNC. It is beyond comprehension!

(12/24) "Christmas Eve Special!"

Fast and Furious from Gun Shop Owner Wesley Felix - the untold story

Dawn Hobson, mother of deceased BORTAC agent Neil Anderson

Jeffrey Peterson - former DNC Mega Donor who #WalkedAway

Steel Truth (12/30) "End of Year Special!"

Capping off 2018 we take a look into the future of Indictments from Uranium One, an encouraging and rational perspecitve on Syrian troop withdrawal and Julie Lavendar's new book "Mrs. Amazing and the Seed"

(1/7) "The Steel Truth"

SteelTruth Analyst James R discusses a variety of topics and Congressman Tom Garrett stops in to discuss the Syria Troop withdrawal.

(1/14) "Rise of Islamic National Socialism!"

Saul Montes-Bradley, Author of “Gander. Terrorism, Incompetence, and the Rise of Islamic National Socialism”, publisher of and well known Twitter icon exposes the bombing of Arrow Air Flight 1285 and jihadi ideology behind it all.

Managing the #IED Threat

General King, SMA Preston, LG Glueck and Grant Haber, VP American Innovations make the case for identifying the precursor materials to stop the flow of bomb making materials and supply chain into Afghanistan.  This is how you end and WIN the war in Afghanistan and return the country to its people. 

#SteelTruth (1/21) Build The Wall !

Jeffrey Peterson, former DNC Mega Donor continues the expose on the Mexican corrupt connection into the DNC, LTC Sargis Sangari talks Syria and the middle east and Ace Luciano brings his perspective on the North and South border concerns.

QAnon and the Great Awakening (8pm ET 3/18/19)

412Anon joins me for a candid discussion on the significance of the Anons, Q and citizen journalism as compared to the POTUS self declared "enemy of the people" aka the MSM.  Also dished on Mueller, Trump and their ties to the FBI. Big Sting?

Deepstate Death Rattle Roars! 8pm ET 4/29/19

Joey Mannarino joins and  DELIVERS the #SteelTruth on Ukraine, Europe, Biden and more!