Message to President Trump | re: Facebook

Facebook continues to censor conservative voices. Mark Zuckerberg is lying to the President and the American people.  Their actions are proven with empirical data HERE that the President and his supports are being silenced into an oblivion.  

Major General Paul Vallely - America First!

Talking #AmericaFirst and #QAnon: Paul E. Vallely, retired U.S. Army Major General and senior military analyst for Fox News, served in the Vietnam War, retired in 1993 as deputy commanding general, Pacific Command joins SteelTruth. 

This man has grit!  He's also the Chairman of Stand Up America US where the #AmericaFirst Doctrine was conceived.

Red Flag Laws & Insubordination | National Security Threats

Red Flag Laws and Insubordination in the Military are making headlines. Local Florida Activists and General Paul Vallely explain the lack of constitionality of these guns laws found in 17 states while also addressing the national security risk of insubordination in the military.

Stolen IP | How the CIA gave birth to Facebook

Check out this great video

Ukraine brings down the Bidens ...and Soros?

Brabara Boyd with the LaRouche PAC details the key players in the Ukraine Scandal which is now the proverbial noose around the Clinton/Biden/Obama's necks...When will we see TREASON charged?

CIA & Task Force on Countering Disinformation?

AZ Task Force has been formed to counter the spread of disinformation in the AZ court system.

Background on Task Force:

The CIA and David Byers, Director of the Arizona Administrative Courts, in order to combat the spread, of what they classify as "disinfo",  on September 18, 2019  the Arizona Supreme Court created a task force to study the effects that disinformation has on the court system.

Bernie Bros get Busted!

Project Veritas goes UNDERCOVER and busts the violent left regime of the Bernie Sanders campign and exposes their diabolical plans for the DNC Convention...."cities will burn"...

Getting Dirty in CA & AZ: Candidates Bradley & Barnett

 Barnett and Bradley are gunning for MAGA in their states where they both want to recall their Governors who have been taking the long slow ride to socialism more seriously since the pandemic has gripped the nation. Will MAGA win? Will CA turn red? Will AZ expose the RINOS as more Leftards than conservative? 

Santilli and Steel!

 Barn Burning Current Events

  1. Sealed Indictments 
  2. What is the future of the FBI and C_A? 
  3. Crowdstrike hired by the RNC?