#TheMighty200 ! (3/4/19)

What happens when you get accused of being a Russian Bot? @Headshipe001 joins me for your delivery of that #SteelTruth 

Small People and Big Problems

What happens when an active shooter alarm goes off at a school and the kids are locked out? Young Bradley Cooper has the solution!

Lee County Florida Sheriff Marceno has big problems....Why did the DeSantis campaign distance themselves from him last fall..

#SteelTruth Terrorism meets Robert Mueller!

What does Whitey Bulger, Pan Am #103, the BCCI, Ruby Ridge, 9-11, Anthrax attacks and WMD's have in common? Join Louisiana state senator John Milkovich and Author Saul Montes-Bradley as we cover terrorism, their roots and their key enablers.

#SteelTruth (1/30) Facebook - CIA's secret weapon

Did the US Government steal the IP and build the ultimate spy machine? 

Meet Michael McKibben, the man who wrote the code he claims was stolen by the NSA.

SteelTruth (1/30) Facebook is busted!

After learning that Facebook is a CIA tool to spy on all of us, we now learn that they have been unfairly targeting users of their platform because they are not spending enough money.  Tune in! #SteelTruth is being delivered here!

8pm www.SteelTruth.com and Periscope.tv/annvandersteel #SteelTruth

Social Media Strikes Again! (2/4)

Social Media Censorship attacks one of our own! Mike Closer caught in the Crosshairs and how he is fighting back! Also former #ICE Agent Victor Avila joins us on his #FastAndFurious cartel attack. #SteelTruth www.SteelTruth.com

Trump Prophet Mark Taylor (2/7)

Movie screenwriter and renowned spiritual proselytizer Mark Taylor "The Trump Prophecies" delivers the #SteelTruth of religion and politics. It's a wake up call! 

Saving Babies and DIA Psyops! (2/11/19)

@SuzanBafford gets personal about #Abortion while Hollywood Actor Jack Hartnett opens up about the DIA's attempt to recruit him for a #DACA psyop. #SteelTruth www.SteelTruth.com and www.periscope.tv/annvandersteel

FBI Whistle Blower Speaks Out (2/13/19)

What happens when former FBI SSA Robyn Gritz decides to fight back? Her EEO case has been assigned a DC Circuit Court Judge.. Does her discovery benefit General Flynn's case?

Is the Federal Reserve Constitutional? (2/14/19)

Nation's leading expert on the US Constitution and our laws explains in plain English the heist of our money and the cartel known as the Federal Reserve. 


Who's the Real Threat Now? (2/18/19)

POTUS  stands alone and declares a National Emergency to #BuildTheWall.  Anyone notice he opened with talk about #China and #NorthKorea? #SteelTruth

Power, Prayer and Pedophilia Special on the Catholic Church

The Vatican addresses the sex scandals with a Summit this week in Rome. Are they hiding behind the sex abuse in the Church to hide their real motivation?  

Power Prayer Pedophilia Pt 2 Special on the Catholic Church

Part 2 on The Vatican addresses the sex scandals with a Summit this week in Rome. Are they hiding behind the sex abuse in the Church to hide their real motivation?  Michael Voris, Founder and CEO of St. Michael's Media and Sr. Exec. Producer www.ChurchMilitant.com joins me tonight.

PA Politics Denies Special Needs Kids Education (8 pm 2/25/19)

Partisan Politics coming from the Pennsylvania Dept of Education when they deny a special needs school their charter to help the most needy of children from an education.

Sex Crimes & Criminal INJUSTICE demands Gov DeSantis to act!

Sex crime victim Deanna Williams, suffers at the hands of her attorneys, the court and Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno. Will Florida's Gov DeSantis step in? (LIVE 8 pm ET 3/11/19)  #SteelTruth

Legal Eagle Jennifer Bukowsky talks College Cheating!

Jennifer Bukowsky joins me as we talk about the grotesque College Cheating Scandal and #AOC and her SuperPAC woes.  (LIVE 9 pm ET 3/13/19) 

Former FEC Chairman EXPOSES SCAM Super PACs

Former FEC Chairman Bradley Smith teaches SuperPAC 101. The difference between regular PACs and SuperPACs. What is legal and what is not. Get educated, not scammed! 3/14/19 8pm ET

Salute to America and President Trump

America is back!  She's got energy, jobs and pride bursting at the borders!  Everyone wants to join this success story as written by President Trump and casted by the American ingenuity!

MSM Smears a #MeToo victim and Vasayo Supports Veterans!

 Investigative Journalist Michael Volpe exposes Fake News giant ABC 2020 for pushing a  wrap up smear of a domestic violence victim. Tim Stroud, former Army Combat Medic, highlights the mind, body and soul solution for health and wealth supporting our nation's vets! 

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is DEAD!

President Trump has dealt the final death blow to the WTO! And NO ONE is talking about it! Keeping in line with Trump's  #AmericaFirst Agenda, China will no longer be the most favored nation. 

General Flynn calls it "Strategic Economic Warfare" - America calls it WINNING!