General Micheal Flynn faces sentencing Jan 28, 2020 in Judge Sullivan's courtroom.  The prosecution is urging up to 6 months in prison. Will POTUS #PardonFlynnNow before his sentencing?


Gen Flynn"s Case with Analyst Pasquale Scopelliti

Pasquale Scopelliti, Author of the MAGA Manifesto and analyst providing data to General Flynn during the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign weighs in on the most recent egregious actions taken by Judge Sullivan's court. DONATE TO MikeFlynnDefenseFund.org

Pardon Flynn Now! 8pm ET (6/27/19)

Is the tide turning in the case against General Flynn? With new counsel Sidney Powell leading his defense, Joe Flynn and Consigliori Pat Scopelliti weigh in on the current state of the General's legal case.  Should POTUS #PardonFlynnNow?


FlynnGate! The SetUp, Abuse & Lies by the Obama Administra

What happens when the unlimited power of the Fed. Gov't decides that Lt. General Flynn, a 3 Star decorated US Army Veteran, exposes the crimes of the Obama Admin? Saul Montes-Bradley, friend to the General, breaks down the setup & abuse of Gen Flynn & the ensuing unraveling of their diabolical plans.


DeepState Creeps on a Mission! 8pm ET (5/15/19)

Special guests Sidney Powell, author of " Licensed to Lie" and John Michael Chambers, author of "Trump and the Resurrection of America" put out their list of Naughty and Nice...Let's just say the "NICE " list is very short..


Joe Flynn on the Post Mueller Report World 8pm ET (4/22/19)

Joe Flynn, with the www.MikeFlynnDefenseFund.org, brings his perspective as the President goes on offense after the release of the Mueller Report.  Will General Flynn follow his lead?

Supporting Our Vets and Battling Disinformation

Vets For Trump are addressing and supporting our vets mental, physical and spiritual needs with Joshua Macias building that great organization. Wayne Lonstein is battling social media disinfo daily. 

The Art of Psychological WAR!

 SteelTruth goes deep into Psychological Warfare with the masters! General Paul Vallely and Pasquale Scopelliti bring their analysis of the current state affairs.  From Russia Russia Russia to full Stasi Shut down with Plandemics...what is next and how do we fight back to preserve our freedoms?