Fast and Furious Press Conference 7/3/19 9 am

OBJECTIVE: Today we will share a time line of events that have happened & continues to this day regarding the US Government’s shadowy gun running scheme known as Operation Fast & Furious. 

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Fast and Furious - The Public Finally Must Know!

The Victims of botched ATF gun running operation have waited for more than 10 years for answers.  Now new evidence is being presented that could link Fast and Furious to Benghazi and NXIVM through the same people.  When will the DOJ investigate and hold people accountable?

Former CIA Intel Asset Explains Spying / Fast & Furious

Robert Caron with explains the nature of spying on citizens and why it was necessary to set up rogue ops like Fast and Furious.

Ian Garland -Victim of the ATF Operation Fast and Furious

Gun store owner Ian Garland who's worked in Law and Order still does not have his rights restored after beind used by the ATF to sell guns to the cartels in Mexico. His story is tragic!

Maria Espinoza The Remembrance Project attends Fast Furious

Fast and Furious Press Conference with panelist Maria Espinoza speaking out and supporting the victims of government corruption.

Press Kit July 3, 2019

Fast and Furious Press Kit

Reopen Operation Fast 7 Furious 8pm ET ( 3/25/19 )

Kent Terry, Col Matt Meck and Former ATF Agent Vince Cefalu expose weapons running and thefts still ongoing...Now that the #MuellerReport is out, time to reopen #FastAndFurious and charge Eric Holder and Barack Obama with treason!

Fast & Furious Boomerang (12/23)

Carlos Salinas, Mexico’s Saddam Hussein, tightens his grip on US politicians while Fast and Furious returns to the news.  What if every single scandal in the US had links back to the only man in Mexico who had no conscience?

Brian Terry's Murderer found Guilty! (8 pm 2/26/19)

Kent Terry, brother of fallen BORTAC agent Brian Terry just back from Arizona where Brian's murderer was found guilty, talks about the future. 

Fast & Furious still Running Guns South of the Border! 3/13

The Obama/Holder scandal Fast and Furious is not over...and not forgotten.  Weapons are still crossing the border today. Will Congress and DOJ reopen and prosecute?  (LIVE 8pm ET 3/13/19) 

Big Banks, Weapons Trafficking and Identity Theft!

Former Federal Air Marshall, John Galletta, exposes a world wide financial entity connected to weapons trafficking, identity theft and Fast and Furious!

(12/24) "Christmas Eve Special!"

Fast and Furious from Gun Shop Owner Wesley Felix - the untold story

Dawn Hobson, mother of deceased BORTAC agent Neil Anderson

Jeffrey Peterson - former DNC Mega Donor who #WalkedAway