Post Acquittal: The Boomerang beheads the Deepstate

Current and Former Intelligence Community assets bring the heat tonight as they name names and expose the real reason the deepstate fought so hard to take out President Trump.  Newsflash, it was not personal..She had to win!

Intel Docs Supporting SteelTruth show above 2/10/20

1. Affadavit submitted by Robert Caron to Sidney Powell in support of General Flynn case

2. Evidence of coding tampering in Government digital filing systems

ROBERT CARON 01 19 2020 AFFIDAVIT Redacted (pdf)


coding evidence (pdf)


All roads lead to Ukraine...

National File investigative journalist Patrick Howley dropping dimes on our favorite swampy suspects profiting off Ukraine..Pelosi, Romney and even John Bolton are on the take...

Lev Parnas - A Black Hat Asset?

Lev Parnas - claiming to be a Rudy Giuliani investigator but is he really a black hat asset? SteelTruth delivers context around this important story..

Santilli and SteelTruth show 1/6/20 -

Ann's appearance on Pete Santilli 1/16/20

Chief Eddie Gallagher (USN SEAL) The Whole Story


Capt. Joseph John USN (R) presents the whole horror show detailing the corruption in the JAG and the SJWs handpicked by the Obama Admin which lead to the abuse suffered by Chief Gallagher. Thanks to President Trump and Sec Def Esper for the restoration of a great combat veteran despite total insubordination of Sec of the Navy Spencer and RADM Green.

EMP/Bioweapons/Cyber Attack Is China going to attack again?

 General Paul Vallely discusses the additional threats that the Chinese can levy: EMP and Cyber attacks! Also in the continued fight against Covid-19, BlueSky Global, Founder, Michael Seitz, joins to discuss revolutionary technology that captures and cleans air on a large scale to prevent the spread. 

Juan O Savin muses Indictments, Global Reset and Out of Shad

As we approach the eyewall of the storm, Juan O Savin recaps how we got here and what we should expect as we enter the eyewall of this CAT 5 !

The DeepState Death rattle roars!