Neal Sutz sues State Dept over Swiss CPS medical kidnapping

An American father, Neal Sutz, with dual citizenship in the United States and in Switzerland, fled Arizona in 2017 with his wife and two sons to start a new life in Switzerland, after he claims his life was ruined and his two children were in danger in Arizona

Trump Admin Seeks CPS Whistleblowers!

The Epoch Times reporter, Patrick Howley, talks about the Admin's request for Whistleblowers in CPS and  breaks down the Alt Right / Fascist Left Clinton/Pelosi/Biden/Obama machine and the real Ukraine scandal


CPS Patsy Melissa Diegel saga continues as she is illegally imprisoned in AZ Maricopa County Jail awaiting hearing on 9/12/19. Pls. contact the Maricopa Cty courthouse & DEMAND her DISCOVERY docs be admitted to the case! Attend her hearing if possible!  


CPS, Foster Care & Child Trafficking

Investigative Journalist Michael Volpe highlights eerily similarities of families whose children have been removed, mother's charged with rare diseases and courts not allowing discovery documents to exonnerate the parents.

EMERGENCY! Foster Care Child Trafficking 8/12/19 8pm ET

Meagan Fox from PJ Media joins me to provide a VERY DISTRUBING update on 7 yr. old Michael Abcug who was taken from him mom and placed in Foster Care.  He is showing signs of serious sick abuse. #ThesePeopleAreSick

Foster Care and CPS Corruption 8pm ET (6/17/19)

Investigative reporter Michael Volpe details the lack of credentials of the people in the foster care system responsible for tearing apart families and the rogue judicial system that permits this corruption.

Save The Children! 8pm ET (7/1/19)

The 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report revealed that  victims originate from almost every region of the world; the top three countries of origin of federally identified victims in FY 2018 were the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines. Populations in the United States vulnerable to human trafficking include: children in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, including foster care...

Award winning journalist with PJ Media, Megan Fox explains just who is at risk. 

REPORT TRAFFICKING HOTLINE 888-373-7888, texting 233733

Is CPS being paid to traffic children? 8PM ET (7/8/19)

When Cynthia Abcug relocated her family to Colorado to seek specialized medical attention for her son, she never imagined she'd find him removed by court order without rights to neither see him nor be told where he is.  Day 54 and counting...

CPS Trafficking Children Pays BIG MONEY! 8pm ET (7/15/19)

The American Safe Families Act of 1997 has created a big business around adopting children out of foster homes. The net result is families are being separated and destroyed while niche businesses are booming selling children.

Medical Kidnapping of AZ children! 8pm ET (5/22/19)

Federal Government funds the separation of children from families through financial incentives in the foster care program.  Arizona has seen a massive uptick in medical kidnappings.  Who's next?

The Next Big RICO case: CPS and Foster Care

Investigative Journalist Michael Volpe details the massive corruption in the Family Courts  and explains how government has legalized child trafficking making it a massive RICO case.  

Victim Harvesting & the CPS Horror Show

Investigative Reporter Michael Volpe brings an update on the Cynthia Abcug case and the continued corruption in CPS and Foster Care as well as a phenomena known as "Victim Harvesting"'re not going to want to miss this!

Child Trafficking: DeepState RICO exposed!

Meet the Mom whose kids were medically kidnapped by the Arizona CPS and Phoenix Children's Hospital and is poised to expose the entire RICO case House of Cards!

The White House Executive Order and Child Proofing America

 Childproof America founders, Courtney and Kelly Litwak break down the real dangers facing our children behind cell phones and screens. 

Heather Hobbs ProLifeAdvocate and Rape Survivor

 If you really care about saving our children, you will want to tune i to a discussion with 


today at11:00am ET.  She is a remarkable womam, rape survivor, domestic violence activist, wife to an amazing husband, and mother of 4 based in Oregon. 

SteelTruth™American Family separated stranded in Switzerland

 World-Renowned, Anti-Trumper Psychiatrist Worked with CPS To Have 2 Boys Taken From Innocent Father - Boys Still Being Held In Group Home For Nearly 3 Years Despite Father Being Endorsed, Cleared by Three, Separate Psychiatrists 

SteelTruth Gets REAL on Today's events and Saving Children

Ever wonder why President Trump said we need 15 days to stop the spread? Ever wonder why Congress would stall helping its citizens? Even wonder who is really helping to Save the Children? 

International Child Kidnapping Conspiracy?

International Child Kidnapping Consipiracy? From AZ to Switzerland, including anti-Trump Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Schechter and more!

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