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Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel is the host of SteelTruth™. She formerly was with YourVoice America. Now, she has partnered with broadcast veteran Producer Liz and together with their 30-year broadcast careers they have created the best online primetime show to bring you the latest news and highlights from around the globe.

SteelTruth™ thoroughly vets our sources, provides evidence, and reports only the facts, wherever those facts may lead.


Ann Vandersteel, host of SteelTruth™, is a thought leader and trail blazer in “new media”.  In 2020 Ann partnered with Producer Liz to reformat SteelTruth™ making it a top shelf, primetime investigative news and analysis program leaving the mainstream media in the rear view. As a news magazine, SteelTruth™, is focused on topics mostly ignored or mischaracterized by the mainstream media.  Airing 9pm EST weeknights, Steel Truth delivers hard hitting content, in a topical segmented format covering news, money, health and more.  This format highlights Ann’s reputation for being a fair investigative citizen journalist, with A-List guests and sources, committed to exposing and sharing complex stories while also offering opinions and solutions. 

“Steel Truth” continues to attract varied, high-profile guests like former Intelligence Community whistleblowers such as Bill Binney, former DOJ attorneys like Sidney Powell, former NSA Director and Director of the DIA, General Michael Flynn, political operatives like Corey Lewandowski, former DEA official Derek Maltz, President Clinton whistleblower, Juanita Broaddrick, Dinesh D’Souza, Mark Young, Joseph Flynn, Congressional and Senatorial Candidates. True industry experts and citizens performing their civic duty make guest appearances bringing information you won’t see or hear anywhere else. All this with delivered with specific Calls to Action to engage the audience into action.

As the former President and co-host on YourVoice America, a popular conservative new media news and analysis show, Ann respects the responsibility of delivering accurate news and analysis with consistency.  Her tenacity and willingness to cover complex subjects like COVID19, The Global Reset, tax reform, geopolitics, the deep state and the ever-changing landscape of local and national politics make her a dependable go-to voice for all issues.  She is grateful to YVA Founder, Bill Mitchell, for the opportunity to be a part of the conservative trailblazers in the online broadcast community. Ann’s talents as a Media Broadcaster / Business Development / Project Manager specializing in online media broadcasting, corporate communications, have made her one of the most recognized names in the online media in the world. 

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