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Deep State Target on our Backs with George Papadopoulos!

DeepState Target George Papadopoulos

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George Papadopolous was set up and used by the deep state to spy on the Trump Campaign. There are many interesting intersections with our Five Eyes Allies around the world. Were they all conspiring with the Deep State to prevent the Trump Presidency and ultimately try to take him out once he won?

Girl Power! Pushing PA and NJ Red!

SteelTruth and Conservative Choice Campaign Present two candidates for Congress and US Senate!

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Freshly WOKE ! Meet this anon who puts on the Armor of God!

 Meet anon Jimmy Dean… he has been a conservative Christian his whole life. Self-made man, husband and father. Turning 50 this year and is still choking on the big red pill. 

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Latinas for Trump and Islam through the lens of Christianity

POTUS needs to earn the Hispanic vote. Ileana Garcia is out going door to door doing just that.  James Gauss, author, takes us through Islam and if we can really peacefully co-exist.

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Santilli and Vallely The Dems Exposed from Ukraine to China

 Pete Santilli and General Vallely cover the waterfront tonight! From Susan Rice and her comments leading back to Obama, dictator Governors in the Midwest, CDC tracking and a possible Pardon for Roger Stone? 

Recall Gavin 2020! Monday 6pm PT/9pm ET

 Conservative Choice Campaign in partnership with SteelTruth deliver the growing movement to #RecallGavin2020!  Increasingly Californians are waking up to the fact that their Governor, Gavin Newsom, is ruling his taxbase through fear mongering and threats. These candidates and constituents documented here are speaking out on the MANY REASONS to #RecallGavin2020.  Please go to and sign up to get your petition to #RecallGavin2020 ! 

FBI Whistleblower Brings evidence of Government Misconduct


Tim Tweed began his career at the FBI on October 16 2005. He worked in the FBI’s surveillance area as an Intel Analyst and then went on the SSG (Special Situations Group). Later on he would get a job at the FBI Firearms Lab in Quantico as a GS-11 level employee. He had top secret clearance. He did a tour in Louisville and then to DC. 

It wasn’t until he was asked to sign for weapons that he could not validate their origin that his career went sideways and ultimately resulted in his termination.

Daniel Bolan, student, philanthropist, extraordinary human!

Daniel Bolan has accomplished more than most 3 times his age.  His non profit Student Veterans Foundation  is a nationwide movement that addresses the issues faced by student veterans as they transition from military service to life on America’s college campuses. The goal of the SVF is to provide these student veterans with the resources and support they need to embrace hope, identify new pathways for success, and have the best college experience possible.  

Back from the Brink with Bill Mitchell of YourVoice America

 Back from the brink with Bill Mitchell of YourVoice America. We cover General Flynn, Coronavirus, ObamaGate and Bill's insane brush with DEATH! 


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Sanitized Dictatorship: How COVID19 is transforming America

POTUS hinted that the current shut-down of an entire nation’s economy could last into June and maybe longer. Elements of it may never go away, he warned.

What does that mean for the 2020 presidential election?

Out of Shadows....Liz Crokin, Mike Smith and Brad Martin Del

It's HAPPENING...On this Good Friday....Hollywoods Worst Nightmare is  exposing the DARK SIDE of the CABAL. Those who we thought we could trust, those we looked up's all coming out.. Here on SteelTruth.

It's going to be Biblical: From Chaos to Order

Doxie Mom preaches the good word of our President!

Pasquale Scopelliti, Analyst for Trump Campaign, who worked very closely with General Flynn & author of "America First: MAGA Manifesto"

breaks dow the Covid19 psyop as not only  biological and economic, but most of all a social attack on America.


Twitter Thread on Corona Psyop

FEAR NOT! We are Winning! 15 Days and what we've learned...

 The coronavirus has forced us to re-evaluate our lives, what is important, the affects of government decreasing our freedoms and sending us money. Are we leaving capitalism behind? Turning to socialism? How will we recover? What does that look like? 


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