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Veterans Day | General Flynn | Epstein | Trump Team 2020 Flo

As we salute our nation's Veterans, we stop to recap the plight of General Flynn. Where is Epstein's madame Ghislaine Maxwell and Trump Team 2020 Florida made the Citris County Trump Event special with Jonathan Gilliam and Trevor Loudon

Trump Team 2020 Florida with Jonathan Gilliam

Navy Seal and Author joins the President of Trump Team 2020 Florida, Annie Marie Delgado, at a Trump Club gathering in Citrus County Florida

JT Wilde Rocks SteelTruth ~ WWG1WGA

JT Wilde is a singer, songwriter, philosopher and American Patriot who loves God, Country our Military and supports General Flynn!  He's in the House to Rock SteelTruth tonight!

Blunt Force Truth's Mark Young!

Mark Young is the driving capitalist, Angel with Wings and die hard outspoken MAGA Man part of the dynamic duo known as Blunt Force Truth with Chuck Woolery.  He's got ideas, convictions and loves President Donald J. Trump!

GOOGLE EXPOSED with Whistleblower Zach Vorhies

Wake up America! You've been had and force fed what the LEFT wants you to think is real. Sheeples no more!  Tune into hear Zach Vorheis, 8 year senior software engineer from GOOGLE explain it all!

Facebook Is Fyk'd part 2

Special Guest Mark Sidney, proprietor of the largest Donald Trump Fan Page was taken down during the American Priority Conference on Friday.  3.3 Million fans eliminated....

Reinstated the tide turning on social media censorship?

Facebook is Fyk'd !!!

Facebook publisher, Jason Fyk, is suing the social media giant using the CDA, or the Government created shield, to prove tortious interference therefore allowing unfair competition for publishers who pay more which resulted in his loss of 14M followers when they deplatformed his pages.

Playing The Field!!!!

 Retired USAF Lt. Col Field McConnell, raw, unapologetic and definitely patriotic making his life's work to #SaveTheChildren delivers HIS #SteelTruth    

#EatTheBabies and Ukraine BOOMERANG!

Marsha and Doug Mallouk from the LaRouche PAC explain the PROJECTION and Hypocrisy through the use of satire when they confront AOC with an outlandish #EatTheBabies campaign. We also break down the Clinton/Obama/Biden Far Right Ukraine connection.

The Hunt for Red October!

 DOD Whistleblower Patrick Bergy delivers the SteelTruth about how Adam Schiff IGNORED a firsthand whistleblower on the Obama's use of social media cyber warfare in the 2016 election...  It's GAME ON!

SteelTruth Round Table with In the Matrixxx, Shady Grooove

SteelTruth will NOT be silenced...Back bringing the heat with In The Matrixxx and Shady Grooove covering the news of the day and special DEEP DIVE into the NRO...what is that mysterious governement organization?

FlynnGate! The SetUp, Abuse & Lies by the Obama Administra

What happens when the unlimited power of the Fed. Gov't decides that Lt. General Flynn, a 3 Star decorated US Army Veteran, exposes the crimes of the Obama Admin? Saul Montes-Bradley, friend to the General, breaks down the setup & abuse of Gen Flynn & the ensuing unraveling of their diabolical plans.

Salute to America and President Trump

America is back!  She's got energy, jobs and pride bursting at the borders!  Everyone wants to join this success story as written by President Trump and casted by the American ingenuity!

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