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CPS Trafficking Children Pays BIG MONEY! 8pm ET (7/15/19)

The American Safe Families Act of 1997 has created a big business around adopting children out of foster homes. The net result is families are being separated and destroyed while niche businesses are booming selling children.

Salute to America and President Trump

America is back!  She's got energy, jobs and pride bursting at the borders!  Everyone wants to join this success story as written by President Trump and casted by the American ingenuity!

Is CPS being paid to traffic children? 8PM ET (7/8/19)

When Cynthia Abcug relocated her family to Colorado to seek specialized medical attention for her son, she never imagined she'd find him removed by court order without rights to neither see him nor be told where he is.  Day 54 and counting...

Save The Children! 8pm ET (7/1/19)

The 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report revealed that  victims originate from almost every region of the world; the top three countries of origin of federally identified victims in FY 2018 were the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines. Populations in the United States vulnerable to human trafficking include: children in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, including foster care...

Award winning journalist with PJ Media, Megan Fox explains just who is at risk. 

REPORT TRAFFICKING HOTLINE 888-373-7888, texting 233733

Pardon Flynn Now! 8pm ET (6/27/19)

Is the tide turning in the case against General Flynn? With new counsel Sidney Powell leading his defense, Joe Flynn and Consigliori Pat Scopelliti weigh in on the current state of the General's legal case.  Should POTUS #PardonFlynnNow?

Mark Zuckerberg Perjury! 8pm ET (6/26/19)

Why did Facebook hire the very same company that the Obama Administration developed and used to wage an effective social media cyber war in 2009 and then McCain and Obama used in 2012 and 2016?  Did Mark Zuckerberg LIE TO CONGRESS?

NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Guilty Verdict ! 8pm ET (6/24/19)

NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere, found guilty on all seven counts, including racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and attempted sex trafficking, which include violating young illegal immigrant girls from Mexico and imprisoning them on threat of deportation by the cult. Human experiments and Satanism-inspired rituals all exposed during the sex trafficking trial in Brooklyn, NY.

Foster Care and CPS Corruption 8pm ET (6/17/19)

Investigative reporter Michael Volpe details the lack of credentials of the people in the foster care system responsible for tearing apart families and the rogue judicial system that permits this corruption.

NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney Goes Legal! 8pm ET (6/10/19)

Bill Binney breaks down the origination of Five Eyes, the impact of Roger Stone's case on the Mueller Report and his lawsuits in the 9th and 3rd Circuit Courts. He answers the question: Is Edward Snowden a hero?

George Papadopoulos Deep State Target ! 8pm ET (6/3/19)

George Papadopoulos speaks freely about his ordeal as a Deep State Target.  He is joined with a former Intel Community Asset who tells George about his surveillance even he didn't know!

VideoMedical Kidnapping of AZ children! 8pm ET (5/22/19)

Federal Government funds the separation of children from families through financial incentives in the foster care program.  Arizona has seen a massive uptick in medical kidnappings.  Who's next?

DeepState Creeps on a Mission! 8pm ET (5/15/19)

Special guests Sidney Powell, author of " Licensed to Lie" and John Michael Chambers, author of "Trump and the Resurrection of America" put out their list of Naughty and Nice...Let's just say the "NICE " list is very short..

End the War on Terror ! 8pm ET (5/13/19)


IEDs are the number one killer in Afghanistan. The DOD has been aware of a solution since 2012. Why has it not been deployed? Can we stop the $6 TRILLION war with with an inexpensive solution?

Gloria Alred VICTIMIZES a sex crime victim! 8pm ET 5/8/19

Deanna Williams is the victim of rape, financial theft and now is on the run after losing her baby during this highly stressful ordeal.  Florida Lee County Sheriff Carmen Marceno and many in the judicial system are complicit.

Trump Rally! Delivering Florida in 2020! 8pm ET 5/6/19

Benghazi Hero Mark Geist author of 13 Hours and famed USMC veteran shows support and what it takes to WIN in 2020. Annie Marie Delgado, President of  Trump Team 2020 FL fires up the base in Citrus County with an amazing grassroots Trump Rally!

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