SteelTruth™ Real Journalism Delivered Here

SteelTruth™ Real Journalism Delivered Here

SteelTruth™ Real Journalism Delivered HereSteelTruth™ Real Journalism Delivered HereSteelTruth™ Real Journalism Delivered Here

EMP/Bioweapons/Cyber Attack Is China going to attack again?

 General Paul Vallely discusses the additional threats that the Chinese can levy: EMP and Cyber attacks! Also in the continued fight against Covid-19, BlueSky Global, Founder, Michael Seitz, joins to discuss revolutionary technology that captures and cleans air on a large scale to prevent the spread. 

FEAR NOT! We are Winning! 15 Days and what we've learned...

 The coronavirus has forced us to re-evaluate our lives, what is important, the affects of government decreasing our freedoms and sending us money. Are we leaving capitalism behind? Turning to socialism? How will we recover? What does that look like? 

SteelTruth Gets REAL on Today's events and Saving Children

Ever wonder why President Trump said we need 15 days to stop the spread? Ever wonder why Congress would stall helping its citizens? Even wonder who is really helping to Save the Children? 

Supporting Our Vets and Battling Disinformation

Vets For Trump are addressing and supporting our vets mental, physical and spiritual needs with Joshua Macias building that great organization. Wayne Lonstein is battling social media disinfo daily. 

MSM Smears a #MeToo victim and Vasayo Supports Veterans!

 Investigative Journalist Michael Volpe exposes Fake News giant ABC 2020 for pushing a  wrap up smear of a domestic violence victim. Tim Stroud, former Army Combat Medic, highlights the mind, body and soul solution for health and wealth supporting our nation's vets! 

CPAC2020 LIVE from Media Row!

#CPAC2020 LIVE! Join Ann Vandersteel with @thesteeltruth as we broadcast from #mediarow - You never know who will stop by!

The Jezebel Hunters

 General Paul Vallely and Dan Perkins break down who and what our enemies really are in addition to the great accomplishments of President Trump - all while hunting the Jezebel... 

Bernie Bros get Busted!

Project Veritas goes UNDERCOVER and busts the violent left regime of the Bernie Sanders campign and exposes their diabolical plans for the DNC Convention...."cities will burn"...

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is DEAD!

President Trump has dealt the final death blow to the WTO! And NO ONE is talking about it! Keeping in line with Trump's  #AmericaFirst Agenda, China will no longer be the most favored nation. 

General Flynn calls it "Strategic Economic Warfare" - America calls it WINNING!


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SteelTruth™ is a weekly one hour primetime online investigative and news analysis program presented in a story telling format. The show's host, Ann Vandersteel, is a thought leader in "new media".  "Steel Truth" attracts varied, high-profile guests like former Intelligence Community whistleblowers such as Bill Binney, political operatives like Corey Lewandowski, former DEA official Derek Maltz, Juanita Broaddrick, and more!


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Join Ann for a remote interview from her studio and experience the hard hitting SteelTruth™ gathering questions to help you tell YOUR SteelTruth™ story!


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